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S.I.T.: Saturday Indie Takeover!
All independent artists!!!


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B.U.S.S. Radio: Bringing Underground Sounds to the Surface…

We are an Internet radio station dedicated to promoting independent artists — “Indies”. Bringing those underground sounds to the surface without hassle and red tape. No scams. No money exchanges for spins. Simply sharing the music of indie artists who share their music with us.

BUSS Radio is fully licensed through Stream Licensing. If you are a registered artist with ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, or SoundExchange you will receive your royalties per your royalty agreement with those companies. That’s why we also spin today’s hottest commercial tracks as well as those from yesteryear.

We refer to our DJs as “BUSS Drivers” because they drive the sounds on BUSS Radio. Any person who is interested in hosting their own radio show can have a time slot in our Show Schedule of your choosing (barring it isn’t already taken). If you are interested in starting your own show on the radio, where you can play today’s commercial music legally, then e-mail us and get the conversation started. We will be adding 2 new BUSS Drivers to our Show Schedule by early 2018. Find your spot now and launch your show today!


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